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Blue Marlin Tackle


Penn Fishing 80 VSX - Big Fish Outfit, use in the Chair

Penn Fishing 70 VSX - Big Fish Outfit for Standup Fishing

Penn Fishing 50 VSX - Medium Sized Fish, use Standup or Chair

Penn Fishing 16 VSX - Light Weight Outfit for small to medium Marlin

Penn Fishing GLD 30 II - Light Weight Outfit for Small to Medium

No matter what outfit you decide to use, make sure it is in perfect condition, with new line, a large wind-on leader, and backed with plenty of dacron. These fish can get A LOT of line out on you in a hurry. Best bet is 80# Suffix monofilament, backed with 80-130 pound dacron on your 50 to 80 pound tackle. On the lighter weight outfits, try 30 pound Suffix monofilament over top 80 pound Suffix Super Braid. Make sure drags are set to 30% of the main line's breaking strength. Put the rods in the rod holder at about 12 pounds of drag and be prepared to increase the drag, once the the Marlin settles down on its first run and the fight is on. Do NOT push the drag up to strike too fast...this will lead to many pulled hooks and lot Billfish. Let the fish run, you should have a lot of backing and the line in the water creates drag, helping keep you line tight with out slack.



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