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Blue Marlin Fishing Charters


This is what you are coming to the Bahamas To Charter Fish For!

Bahamas Blue Marlin Charters can be on of the most rewarding fishing trips of a lifetime. Typically you will fish close to shore, as the drop off is less than a mile offshore. Fishing for Blue Marlin can at times be a bit boring, but when the bite comes it is spectacular. Typically your crew will deploy a spread of either artificial lures or dead baits. Almost always, bridge teasers are deployed and pitch baits are at the ready for a Blue Marlin that crashes a teaser. When a fish attacks a teaser, the captain will pull the teaser away from the fish, while the deckhand will drop a rigged dead bait (usually a mackerel or horse ballyhoo) back to the attacking billfish.

When deploying artificial lures, often you will see a five lure spread. Two Short Rigger Lures, Two Long Rigger Lures, and a Center Rigger Lure. Along with two teasers and some pitch baits, you are now Blue Marlin Fishing in the Bahamas. The captain will work the drop off from 500 feet out to depths of 5000 feet, trying to find where the marlin are feeding and traveling. Often they will be right in on the edge chasing bait such as blackfin tuna, skip-jack tuna and small dolphin.

When chartering for Blue Marlin, it is typical to tip the mate based on the pleasure of your day. Gratuities range from 15-25%, with extra amounts sometimes paid for releases of impressive fish or great efforts to get that hard marlin to eat. Some of the best Blue Marlin Fishing crews are in the Bahamas targeting Blue Marlin, so please be sure you find an experienced crew that has fished specifically in the Bahamas for these pelagic species.



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